Sunday, 4 December 2011

Stuffed Banana Roast

Stuffed Banana roast!

Ingredients: 1.2 ripe plantains (Kerala Nendra banana).
2.half cup coconut
3.2 spoons ghee
4.half spoon cardamom powder
5.2 slice bread
6. Ghee for shallow fry
Preparation: 1.Steam the plantain mash it and bind it with bread slices to make a thin dough
2.Add ghee to non stick pan. Add the coconut to hot ghee and saute it for one minute and switch off the flame. Add sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits& pinch of salt.
3. Make small balls of banana dough and fill the coconut mixture in the centre and seal it. Grease Ur hands with oil or else it gets very sticky. Add 2 tbs ghee in a pan and shallow fry rill it's roasted. U can have this hot with one scoop of ice cream as well :)

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