Thursday, 3 May 2012

Party Menu Ideas

My friends keep asking me for Menu ideas & I myself keep researching for new menu ideas. I know most of us who cook at home at times find it difficult to nail down on what to make. When I have some one coming over for Lunch/dinner, I get confused on what to make. I will have 100 ideas & till the last minute I will keep changing my plans. After all I am a Geminine:). Here are some ready made menu ideas & recipes. Since mostly I cook non veg, my menu will have more of Non veg options. Not to disappoint the vegetarians, I will try & include whatever I have tried & worked well.

Option 1:

Starter:Juicy Chicken Kebabs
Salad: Mango Salsa
Main Course: Chicken VindalooNeer Dosa, Steamed Rice
Dessert: Gooey Choco Almond Brownie 

Option 2:
Starter: Chili Pork with Pan Roasted Potatoes
Salad: Apple Carrot Salad 
Main Course: Chicken Fried Rice, Gobhi Manchurian Gravy (Cauliflower)
Dessert: Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

Option 3:
Starter: Almond Chicken Wings
Salad: Corn Cucumber Salad
Main Course: Prawn Biriyani, Raitha, Stuffed Egg Plant in Peanut sauce, Steamed Rice
Dessert:Moist Apple Bar

Option 4: 

Starter: Juicy Parsley Chicken Kebab
Salad: Chickpeas Salad
Main Course: Chicken Badamika, Steamed Rice
Dessert: Chocolate cheese Cake

Option 5:

Starter: Lemony Chicken
Salad: Cherry Tomato Salad
Main Course: Yogurt Chicken Curry, Steamed Rice, Pulav
Dessert: No-bake-Oreo Cheese cake

Option 6

Starter:Chicken Ghee Roast
Salad: Garden Fresh Salad
Main Course: Grandmas Chicken Curry, Steamed Rice, Neer Dosa,
Dessert: Sticky Date cake with Toffee Sauce

I am still in the process of updating more menu options & also will be covering veg menus shortly. I have been a little busy with our 3rd Anniversary celebration. I am going to make my 1st decorative cake tomorrow. I hope it turns out good. I am still confused on what flavor, design, icing to make....

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