Friday, 22 June 2012

Chocolate Cheese Cake

If chocolate is good for the soul, then adding it to a cheesecake is like going to heaven. No wonder chocolate cheesecake recipes are so popular. This is a very easy recipe & the best part is no need to bake this. Since my hubby is not a great fan of cheesecakes, I had to eat majority of this. I actually froze some of these & you know what?? It tasted like chocolate ice cream. Since my Hubby loves Ice cream he loved this when he eat it frozen. Here is the recipe

500gms Cream Cheese (I used Philadelphia Cram Cheese Block)
200 gms powdered sugar
100gms melted semi sweet chocolate
2 cup Milk
1 Tbsp Gelatin
1/4 cup warm water
6 - 8 digestive biscuits
2 tbsp Butter

Method: Crush the Digestive Biscuits in the Mixer. Add 2 tbsp of butter to this powdered biscuits & make a base in a cake tin (square/round mold). In an electric beater beat the cream cheese, sugar, melted chocolate & milk to a smooth mixture. Add 1 tbsp Gelatine to 1/4 cup hot water & stir continuously so no lumps are formed. Pour in this mixture to the cream cheese mixture & mix well. Pour this into the mold & chill this in the freezer for an hour or in the fridge to set for 5 to 8 hours. 


  • Once its out from the freezer, put it back into the fridge. 
  • For best results, try & consume this withing 2 days.
  • If you freeze it for too long in the freezer it will taste like Ice Cream:) which you can do if you have made lots.
  • If you want you can add more sugar. I added less sugar in my cheese cake.
  • Garnish it with some coco powder

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