Monday, 18 March 2013

Brown Rice Cereal with Blueberry Puree

After so many requests from my friends & readers, I am staring this space to share Toddlers food recipes. I know Moms who have toddlers always try to make something nice for their lill ones. Like adults their taste buds are very demanding & they like to eat something different everyday. Sometimes we really run out of ideas as to what to make. When it comes to food, toddlers generally are a little fussy. My Son Zion is 21 months now, he hardly opens his mouth to eat food. During his meal time, I always make him sit on his high chair & play his fav cartoon shows. That's when me or my maid literally push the food inside his mouth & he doesn't refuse either:) These are some techniques we follow at home to get him to eat. Today I am sharing brown rice cereal with blueberry puree. I have used cerelac brown rice which is readily available in the store. This is a easy tasty & quick breakfast you can make in no time. Zion loved it  & I hope your kid loves it too.

5 tbsp brown Rice Cerelac
2 tbsp blueberry reduce
Water to mix to get the right consistency
Mix all the above in a bowl & it's ready:)

Ingredients to make blueberry puree:
For the blueberry reduce:
1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup water
5 tbsp water
Pinch of salt

In a pan boil water, sugar,salt & crushed blueberries. Simmer this on low flame until it becomes a lill sticky. Add more water only if required. The blueberry reduce is ready. You can put this in a box & refrigerate it for a week. Generally I finish it off in a couple of days by adding in his breakfast.


You can add the blueberry reduce to any cereal you want. I sometime add it to semolina porridge too:)


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