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Blogging Marathon #26
Theme: Goan Food

Patoli is a very traditional Goan/ Mangalorean delicacy. As a child we used to looks forward to mummy making these sweet parcels at home. Mummy used to make a big batch of these & we used to have them for breakfast snacks & dessert.  These are steamed rice Pan cakes stuffed with coconut, sugar mixture & wrapped in turmeric leaves. Haldi Kole in Konkani mean Turmeric leaves. The unique flavour comes from these leaves. However there are various version of Patoli. Most people also make these on Banana leaves too. People call it ela Ada also. Mostly these are made in the coastal region.

In Singapore turmeric leaves are easily available as most Malaysians use this leaf in their cooking. Most of their curry recipes calls for turmeric leaf. Since I am making Goan food for the BM, this will be my first recipe.

  • 8 - 10 med size Turmeric Leaves
  • 4 cups of boiled rice (wash & soak in water for 6 to 8 hours)
  • 3 cups of grated coconut
  • 2.5 cups of sugar
  • 3 Tbsp of tosted seseme seeds
  • 1/2 Tspn of cardamom powder
  • Salt as per taste
  1. Grind the soaked rice with salt & some water to a smooth thick paste in a mixer. Now pour this mixture into a kadai & keep stirring it until you achieve a dough like consistency. Set this aside to cool down for a while.
  2. For the stuffing, mix together the coconut, sugar, sesame seeds, cardamom powder & a pinch of salt. Set this aside
  3. Wash the turmeric leaf & dry they with a paper towel.
  4. Take a med ball of rice dough in your wet palms and roll the ball into a thick rope.
  5. Place the dough rope in the center of the leaf and start spreading the dough on both sides. Let it be a half inch thickness or more thinner than that. Cover the whole leaf with this dough mixture. You can wet your hands to spread this easily on the leaf
  6. Now take around 2 Tbsp of the stuffing mixture & place it on just one side of the leaf & fold the leaf. If you have a small steamer than you can cut this leaf into half. Steam this for about 20 mins. wait for it to cool for 10 to 20 mins & its ready to eat.
  • If you don't get turmeric leaves you can use Banana leaf
  • I used sugar instead of Jaggery coz my hubby doesn't like the taste of jagerry,
Here are step by step pictures:




  1. looks lovely, i have this on my blog as well, and remember the day i made it, both hubby and son were happily tucking away one after the other....welcome to the group

  2. Looks really good! This recipe is very similar to the Kerala ela ada, the difference being the leaf used - we use banana leaf instead of turmeric leaves.

  3. The turmeric leaves looks so good, though I have read so much about this dish, haven't made it myself..

  4. the filling sounds so delicious - I would have to use banana leaves as I've never seed turmeric leaves here

  5. Wow!This looks so good. And the flavour infused from the turmeric leaves might have been so good

  6. Welcome to bm !!
    The dish looks yum !!

  7. Nice one this is the first time hearing this.

  8. Turmeric leaves gives a nice aroma to this steamed patolis na, glad to run BM along with you.

  9. Sounds so delicious. A nice authentic recipe.

  10. This sounds so yummy! never steamed with turmeric leaves before. The aroma and the flavor while steaming should be awesome. The leaves are so fresh and nice. I am hoping I can plant some this spring.

  11. Sounds very interesting. I have never cooked using turmeric leaves. Now I don't have access to these leaves.

  12. Need to try it out using turmeric leaves. Patoli looks very nice. We don't get turmeroc leaves all the year but at the time of sankranti, it is very easy to find.

  13. Delicious Filling!!!Looks like an easy recipe, if we get turmeric leaves!!!

  14. Absolutely worth the trip to the market to get these leaves. I am sure it smells wonderful as well :)

  15. Wow...what a lovely recipe. I am sure the turmeric leaf must add to the taste of the dish. This is so similar yet different from the ela ada that is made in Kerala.

  16. that is soooo new to me!!! am learning so many recipes from you all... super delicious

  17. This looks interesting.. and really different.. I wish I could grab a bite of the end result..

  18. At first, I must say I was confused going by the name. Andhra has a lentil based dish also called patoli. :)
    The dish is new to me but wouldn't mind finishing that stuffing.

  19. Patoli is really look nice and authentic

  20. What an interesting recipe. Very traditional and authentic.
    I was a little confused with the name too like Suma :-)


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