Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mangalore Buns

I am sure every Manglorean loves this dish "Mangalore Buns" These are available in almost all restaurants, canteens in Mangalore region. My mom used to make them at least 1 once a week during our school days in coorg. We used to eat them almost every other day in our Agnes college canteen.. I love them a little sweeter & mostly this is made semi sweet. Its served with chutney or Sambar in the hotels. I love to eat them as it is. This recipe is already posted in my blog & then I dint have a canon, so most of my old post pictures are taken from my phone camera. I thought of clicking some pictures & revisting this post.

For the recipe click here



  1. Read its recipe.. Very intresting... Never heard of them before..

    Keep in touch

  2. Never made this before and I see a combo of cumin seeds with bananas inside. The taste would have been justified and the buns are puffy and yummy. I lost my Canon when the robbers broke into my house and was using my Iphone but somehow the qualify is so different. Currently I am posting my previous recipes and hope to buy the Canon soon.

    1. Thats so sad to hear that your camera got stolen too:(

  3. these buns are calling my name! fab looking, Sheela :-)..

  4. love to have those soft fluffy pillows.shld taste amazing.

  5. Those buns look really tempting! That is a great speciality.



  6. Delectable Buns!! easy to make..

  7. Love all your pictures and how you focus on these buns. They look so alive on my computer screen!

  8. Me being a M'lorean totally love it just like that or even dunked in coffee Yum!!
    Lovely clicks


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