Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Witch finger cookie

I know this Halloween post is coming really late... well I have been having a really busy schedule which has not given me time to blog. The last 3 months, I have been busy with dance choreography, performance & cake baking business, I have started a home baking business here in Austin Tx. I make theme based cakes for all occasions. I have named my business "Sweet Zions Bake house". You can find me on face book page here. I love dancing & I have been into stage shows right from my childhood days. Now I am performing on stage after almost 6 yrs. I feel really nice to get back into choreography & performing.

Coming back to todays post, I made these spicy witch finger cookies during the Halloween week. The spicy cookie recipe is here. In the recipe post you will see that I have made round shaped cookie. for this shape, you need to just roll them in the shape of fingers & bake them. Once they are cooled, Just add some Jam/jelly or ketchup on the tip of the finger & stick the almond on top.

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