Friday, 2 March 2012

Milk Halwa

Had seen this recipe in a Cookery show on TV. It was actually Milk Burfi & the one I tried out turned out to be Peda or you can call it Milk Truffles as well:) . I am not disappointed as it tastes very good.

1 Ltr Whole Milk
2 tbspn Curd
100 gms Sugar
1/4 tspn Cardamum Powder
1 tbspn Maida / All purpose flour
2 tbspn Chopped Almonds
Few Almonds to garnish on top
Pinch of Salt

Method: Mix Milk, Maida very well & heat it in a heavy bottom Pan. When its boiling well add in the curd, let it curdle. Keep boiling this on low flame till it becomes thick. Now add in sugar, Cardamom powder, chopped Almonds & salt. Keep stirring at this stage and this will get thick & sticky. Now you can take it off the gas and pour this in a greased Plate. You can serve it the way you want. either cut like burfi, Halwa or in a shape of ball like the way I have presented it.


  1. After I added sugar, I transferred this to a non stick Pan as it was easier to manage this.
  2. Kitchen will get messy while this is boiling as it will start spluttering.
  3. I used Ghee to grease the plate and also to make them round in shape
  4. This dish is rich & sweet so cant have lots. I have stored them in the fridge:)

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