Friday, 10 August 2012

Prawn in Yogurt Sauce

This dish is nothing but Dohi Maach (Bangali Fish Curry )Earlier I have shared with you all this recipe. I thought of trying out the same recipe with Prawns & it turned out very good. Prawns always adds an extra punch to any recipe. Well never cook your Prawn for too long as it becomes very rubbery & tasteless. It should be always added at the end & cook not more than 5 mins. Many of my friends keep compaining that when they cook prawns at home it dosnot turn out the way it does in the resturant. Thatz become most Indians overcook fish & Meat. Tip to resturant taste Fish & Meat is to not to cook them for too long. This is a very easy & simple recipe. Please follow the same recipe as Doi Maach.

Note: You neednot pre fry the Prawns. Add them at the end & cook them for about 3- 5 mins. If you cook them for long time it becomes very rubbery:). If you want to marinate the Prawn you can do with salt & Turmeric which I didnt do.

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