Friday, 21 September 2012

Prawn Chili

I cant tell you how busy I was in last 2 weeks. I had 2 cake orders plus many other stuff going around. I was so stressed out. From yesterday I am a kind of relaxed & able to take deep breath & enjoy my routine at home. I also got some time to pamper myself by getting a nice pedi mani done:)

Well I know that I have so many recipes pending. I will try & post as many recipes as possible in the following week. Till then please bear with me:) I picked up these Jumbo Prawns in the market last week & made this dish last week. This is kind of same as my Chili Chicken recipe. Its very simple to make & tastes divine. Here is how I made it.

Ingredients:500 Gms cleaned prawns (I used Jumbo Tiger)1/2 small green Capsicum diced1 Tbsp Garlic Chopped1 Tbs Ginger Chopped2 Tbsp Light Soya Sauce1 Tsp Oyster sauce1 Tbsp Black Pepper2 Tbsp Corn Flour2 Tbsp Maida/ All purpose flour1 tsp all seasoning powderOil for deep fryingSalt as per taste

Spring Onions to garnish

Method: Make a batter of Corn flour, Maida, pepper & salt Mix Prawn in this & deep fry this for about 2 to 3 mins until done. Remove Prawns & set aside. In the mean time take a heavy bottom pan add 2 tbsp of oil, fry garlic, ginger, Onion, salt & 3 mins. Add green chili , all sauces, seasoning powder & cook on medium flame for about 2 minutes. Finally add in the crispy fried Prawns & capsicum. Give this a good mixture so that the sauces blends in well. Yummy Prawn Chili is ready. Serve this immediately to enjoy the crispness. This is very good Appetizer. I love this recipe & make this more often. You can also follow the same for Chicken, Paneer, Mushrooms, Baby corn, Pork, Cauliflower & anything that you can think off:) Isn't that cool...

The picture has not come out well as I took it at night.

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