Friday, 21 September 2012

Vanilla Butter Cake with Vanilla Fruit Mousse filling

This was one of my recent order. A sweet Hubby wanted to make his loving wife's Birthday special. He wanted a customized cake to be done & he chose flowers as theme. I made this tall Flower Basket design cake. Its a 4 Layer Vanilla Butter Cake with Fruit Vanilla Mousse filling. I loved the way this cake turned out. The filling was really good & I made this cake very moist. I had a different design in mind wherein I wanted some flowers like creepers. I also piped the flowers on the Basket. Unfortunately they fell off along with the Basket weave. I had to scoop off all the icing & redo it again. It took me like 6 hours just to do the decoration. This design on a tall cake will really will leave you with a paralyzed hand:) My fingers were aching like hell. I was very happy with the results though. I would love to do more of flower designs again.

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