Friday, 24 May 2013

Pound Cake


Tomorrow is my Birthday & every year I have been asking my hubby to cook something special for me:) My hubby hates to cook & he has never cooked anything after marriage. Before marriage whenever he went on site he used to make some basic Indian cooking. After marriage he is so pampered by me that he never felt the need to cook. When I was expecting Zion, I had very bad morning sickness. I used to throw up more than 25 times a day & felt hungry often. Even in such situation my hubby never cooked at home, but was always ready to pick up food from outside or get it home delivered. Now you can imagine how much he loves to cook, right! :)

As usual I keep pestering him to make something for me & can you believe finally he agreed. He said he will bake a cake for me & I have to give him an easy recipe. His conditions were that I keep all the ingredients, measuring cups outside in the kitchen platform & none of us enter the kitchen while he is at work. I was so happy that I was able to crack this nut:) My hubby is a perfectionist & whatever he does he wants it to be perfect. I told him that the Pound cake recipe is very easy & he opened that in the phone & started to bake. Since it was his first time he took almost 40 mins to prepare the batter:) The cake was made perfectly & I was so happy. The best part is now he says that he loved baking & wants to bake more often. He also mentioned that he wants to try his hands on cooking as well.  I say "if Sharon can bake, anyone can bake"

For recipe click here

Meet the new Chef at Korporate2kitchen
 Meet the new Chef at Korporate2kitchen
Check out the texture! its turned out so perfect.


  1. Happy Birthday to you Sharon. You are lucky to have a husband who's willing to try baking & cooking for you. Cake has come out perfect -- moist and fluffy.

  2. The pound cake does look perfect! Happy birthday!

  3. Advance wishes....u shud b thankful dat he baked such a perfect cake...


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