Sunday, 27 October 2013

Soya Stuffed Baked Tomatoes

I met Rafeeda 4 months ago in this wide blogging ocean. Although we have had minimal on line conversations, she comes across as a very simple sweet person. I always admire her time management skills & she plays a very good role in balancing work +family+passion. I really don't know how she does it! She is a very active blogger & never misses an opportunity to drop an honest feedback on my posts. When she pinged me to ask if I could guest post in her blog, I was very happy & told her yes right away. This is my first ever guest post & I am very glad that I am doing it in one of my favorite blogs

Please visit her virtual space for some amazing Malabar Cuisine. She has a big sweet tooth like me & she has named her blog " The Big Sweet Tooth"

Check out the recipe for Soya Stuffed Tomatoes here


  1. Thank u so much 4 being a part of the series... really a pleasure 2 have u around...

  2. The baked tomato stuffed with soya sounds a great dish especially for vegetarians. Beautiful clicks.

  3. Hi Sheela,
    Welcome back home and hope you had a great time. Wow, one month is certainly a good break. Thanks for your message. Keep in touch ya and we shall stay in touch via our blogging world. I will be away from next week for about 11 days and if possible, will log in and see what's latest.

  4. Yes Rafee is really a sweet heart to many..
    Stuffed tomato looks yumm and perfectly done.will see the recipe in her blog.


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