About me

Cooking is my passion a big stress buster. I have been cooking from Age 10 and not sure how, but cooking just came naturally to me. Not to forget to mention that my Mom is  a great cook. May be I got this skill from her (All credit to her).

For me cooking is a performance and every ingredient has a role to play. I use best quality products in my cooking as its the key to tasty food. I spend not more than 1/2 hr in the kitchen to make a meal. My hubby (Cherry that's how I call him) & I love to eat good food. If the food doesn't taste good, I don't eat it:) Since My hubby is a great fan of Indian food, You will see that I have a good recipe bank of Indian food.

A little bit about me:
I am from a beautiful small town "Madikeri" which in in Coorg district, Karnataka state, India. I am a Roman Catholic & did my schooling in coorg, later graduation in Mangalore & post graduation in Bangalore. There is a proper blend of culture in coorg & coorg people are well known for their hospitality. 

From a Corporate Executive to being a full time mommy and now a passionate Food blogger, my life has so far been very dynamic. My career started in 2004 at Tesco & was part of Learning & development team. After Tesco, worked with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), McAfee India & RBS in Singapore.

Vibrant as life has been, somewhere in the middle of all this I married the Man I LOVE in 2008 , a complete IT professional. We lived in Singapore for some time & had our son Zion there. Currently we are in Austin Tx & totally in love with this place.  

During my break from Corporate life, I started this blog
“Korporate2kitchen.com”  , Custom cake business Zionsbakehouse.com & now a full time Licensed Real estate Agent in  Austin Texas www.zionsestate.com 

If you are planning to move to Austin Tx, do not forget to contact me for your Realestate needs. I help people in Buying, selling, renting & in investment properties. 

 My strength is cooking & I can turn up any boring meal into 5 star style delicious meal. Food photography is not my cup of tea, but I try my best these days to take a better shot.  I hope you will enjoy trying out my recipes. Please pass on your feedback if you have tried any of my recipes. Happy cooking:)

That's me with Zion when he was 4 months old

 This was clicked when Zion was 6 months


That's me & Sharon (Cherry) My better half



  1. Good for you Sheela ! Been trying out your recipes and keeping my family happy : )

  2. Keep rocking Sheela! Cheers, Manoj

  3. Hi Sheela,
    Thank you for stopping by space. Oh my.. u and u are so good with cakes never knew one could just jump in and be an expert in detailing. Coorg is a place to see on my list so will come back for more of ur recipes from that side :)

  4. Hi Sheela...just stumbled on to ur space. Wow u have such lovely recipes! Definitely will come back to try some of those yummy dishes :) great work girl, keep going..

  5. Hi Sheela..you have a lovely blog too. Keep rocking.

  6. Hey Sheela, Nice to meet you. So glad to connect with you!

  7. Hi Sheela, love Coorgi dishes. Must say you are a Coorgi beauty.

  8. Came to your blog because I was looking for ways to turn fondant into flowers and butterflies for my girl's first birthday tomorrow. I must say I'd like to visit again to see more, Sheela!

    Have fun.


    1. Thx Priya:) hope u were able to make fondant flowers.

  9. Hi,

    You have a nice blog here. Thanks for stopping by mine and for your sweet comments. Glad to follow your blog now and btw you have a beautiful family and your little one is adorable.

  10. Nice to have met you and your space here is great ! Its really amazing that how people connect with each other so quickly through the simple means of food. Glad to follow you...

  11. Sheela.. I tried your cream cheese pound cake reciepe and am totally in loveee with it.. Thankyou so much for sharing :-)

  12. New to your site and totally like it:)

  13. Saw your post on Chefs at large and today tried the no butter chocolate cake and cashew nut ghee chicken :) Both were wow!! I shall stay hooked on to your blog :)

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  15. You have a nice space Sheela. keep the good work going. My best wishes.

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