Sunday, 4 December 2011

Neeru Dosa (Water Pan cakes)

This is all time favorite Mangalorean special. My friends just love Neer Dosa and one can easily eat 10 to 15:) they are very thin and no oil at all. A very healthy and tasty dosa. It will take some time to master the skills to make the best Neer Dosa, The trick is in the making of Dosa. However the recipe is very easy. The temperature has to be right.

  • one cup Dosa rice (soak for atleast 4 hrs)
  • one table spoon cooked rice & water
  • Blend the above to a fine paste, thin consistency like water.
  •  Now comes the challenge to explain:)
  •  Heat the pan (Non stick or iron) The pan shouldn't be too hot nor less.... medium heat should be ok.
  • Now pour some batter in the pan and immediately spread it around holding the handle of the pan. Close the lid and in 10 seconds it will be ready.
  • U can remove the dosa from the pan and put it upside down on a plate. Now fold it immediately into half and then to quarter.

hmmmm I will try to upload a video some day:)


  1. Hi sheela,

    i tried making neer dosa from your recipe posted, it came out pretty okay, but not 100%. not sure where i went wrong. planning to try it out once more!.. thanks for your blog!

    1. Hey Sujatha.. good to know you tried it:) It takes some time to master the skills to do this. Sometimes even I fail. It all depends on the rice that you use and also heat of the Pan. The trick is in the making and folding of dosa. I will post the video soon & it will surely help.


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