Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gulab Jamoon Cheese Cake

Cheese cake is a very light dessert and if its made with hung curd its all the more healthier. By adding julab Jamoons to cheese cake you can indianise this dessert and make it richer. Its a very tasty dessert with lots of indian flavours in it . The elachi, saffron, jamoons hmmmmm... I watched this recipe on Master Chef India and just wanted to try this badly. It took almost a month for me to make it coz this is a very rich dessert and I thought will make it the day when I make very simple food coz that way I could balance my diet:).The not so healthy part is the fried gulab jamoons:) My hubby loves Jamoons and can eat 10 to 12 within minutes:) and hence I rarely make jamoons.

Recipe: 20 small Gulab Jamuns (you can choose how many you want), 375 gms Cream Cheese (You can use Hung curd if cream cheese is not available), 100 gms wipped cream, 3 tablespoon powdered sugar, 1 tbspn gelatine (mix it with 1/4 cup hot water)1/4 spn elachi powder, 1/2 spn saffron (Mix it with 1/4 cup hot water or milk),1/4 spn lemon zest, 4 to 5 Digestive biscuits for crust, 1 tbspn butter
Beat creamcheese and powdered sugar. Add wipped cream, Gelatine, elachi, Saffron, lemon zest and mix well. In a cake tin or bowl powder biscuits, mix it with butter and preapare a base. Now add in half of the cheese cake mixture, Now place in the jamuns and cover it with the remaining cheese cake mixture. Freeze it for 1 hour and its ready to eat.

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