Thursday, 4 July 2013

Poori Masala

Poori is a fried flat bread & a very famous Indian breakfast. This is famous all over India be it south or north. However there are also some different version of pooris in different states like the stuffed pooris. This one is a simple one & tastes great. Since this is deep fried, I rarely make pooris for breakfast at home. This is my hubby's fav & when made he will have at least 8 to 10:). He loves to eat with mixed fruit jam after he is done with curry. I was not too sure to post this recipe or not coz this is very very simple. Since I wanted to have a good options for breakfast in my recipe index, I am posting this.
  • 2 cup wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt (or as needed for taste)
  • 1/2 cup water (as needed to make a pliable dough)
  1. In a mixing bowl mix in wheat flout & salt.
  2. Now add in water as required & make a soft dough kneading it continuously for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Make small balls out of it. You can decide don the size of pooris depending on the size of your pan.
  4. Now with a rolling pin, roll the small dough thin & flat. Sprinkle some flour on top so that it doesn't stick. Now remove any access flour & drop it in the hot oil.
  5. Once you drop it in oil, make sure you keep pouring the hot oil on top of these pooris so that they puff up. Just 30 seconds is all that you need to get these cooked & puffed.
  6. Now they are ready to eat.
  • Make sure you make many flat pooris so that you can fry them faster back to back.
  • Do not let the rolled pooris sit long outside as they will get hard & crack.
  • You have to fry them in hot oil like we do for Papads
  • These are best with Potatoes Peas curry.


  1. Poori masala looks crunchy and yummy.

  2. Sometimes I add to the flour (before adding water):
    Chopped coriander leaves
    Ground Pepper (a little)
    Turmeric powder (a little to render the light yellow colour)
    Sooji powder (a little to render crispness)

  3. Oh my look who's here... Madhavi ! That's a nice tip will try that next time

  4. I love puri's but avoidd earing as its tooo oily and if eat 1 then you just cant stop... :p

  5. An ideal meal for the monsoon without a doubt! You have made me have a craving for poori masala.

  6. Inviting food,wish i live near you.

  7. A comfort food anytime. I wanna come over for breakfast.

  8. Yummy breakfast. I seldom deep fry food at home but it's good to have a few great deep fry recipes when the craves strike. :) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog.You have a lovely space and the poori masala looks so tempting and perfect.

  10. Hi usually use oil(very little) instead of flour to avoid stickiness while rolling the poori's cause that way the oil we use for frying remains colorless till the end.. using flour makes it come out into to the oil and makes it dark and smoky.. :)... was browsing your banana cake while eating my 'banana oats walnut' cake and saw this poor.. cause i have a weakness for poori i had to drool over the pic and read your post!


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